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Our company was founded thanks to close cooperation with European team of specialists in the field of medicine & biotechnology. We are health and well-being enthusiasts. Together, we're working on creating effective and safe herbal supplement recipes that help to maintain health and optimal physical condition of each of us. 

Our strength is close cooperation with many well-known academic centers which provides us with direct access to the latest scientific studies on the design and creation of effective and safe herbal recipes.

Our experience, scientific background and employee involvement translate into high quality and effectiveness of our supplements. 

Our supplements are distinguished primarily by composition - each substance that creates the recipe has been tested and composed to interact with other ingredients and stimulate the body's natural ability to maintain well-being.

Our products have necessary safety approvals, among others the LEFO Institute Safety Approval - German institute for the evaluation of supplement safety and nutritional value. 
We are an US-based company with location in Washington State.